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Overseas Network

Gajah Mada Stone has an exclusive partnership with a large Indian stone mining and processing company. Having a part of ownership in the Indian company enable us to control, prepare, monitor and getting the first access to materials from multiple adult chat rooms location across India. We work in conjunction with the Indian geology association to ensure that materials is sourced in the correct way. Besides Indian, we also have partnership with Chinese stone processing companies to ensure a full range of stone types can be offered to Indonesian market.


Local Network

Gajah Mada Stone is capable of delivering fine stones as we already experienced in stone’s selecting for years. The stones were collected from excellence quality mining located all around Indonesia. We proudly have a strategic influence across main islands in Indonesia. We work very closely with companies in Makassar, Samarinda, Bali, Banjarmasin and Surabaya to ensure a streamlined business across the islands. By utilizing professional internal administration systems, custom projectss and orders ar able to be monitored and coordinated through our headquarter in Surabaya.

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