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Our Vision

Building a long-term
customers foundation
in Indonesia

Operating within
a standardized
business system

Having a sustainable
yearly growth in the
Indonesian stone market

Providing a consistent
quality products at
the lowest price

Our Aim

Act as our customer’s purchasing department to satisfy customer’s need and requirements.

Our Strategy

Act as our customer’s purchasing department to satisfy customer’s need and requirements.



Good quality is guaranteed by utilizing the most advanced processing technologies and machinery from Germany. Each product is meticulously inspected by our experienced inspectors at the factory before being delivered.


People Power

Gajah Mada Stone make great efforts to train the workers to be professionally skillful and capable to adapt with the team. Our team of mobile staff spread across projects locations allows us to ensure contracts being completed on time and within the budget constraints through direct monitoring and contract completion-oriented focus. We also have a designer team that can help to put the stones into beautiful crafted designs that fit to any buildings.


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